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The reason I would like to see the State Championship held at a later date include all the reasons Brett mentioned, including more time for locals, spread out the qualifiers, but most importantly, the races after the grands and regional would be worth going to. The way it stands now, the races after the regional count towards track points only. They are throw aways. It would greatly extend the season and allow you to actually miss a race and still have your 10 locals.

The only reason to have it early would be for the points, which you could easily make up by going to a regional/national pre-race. Besides, like I stated earlier, we are the ONLY state in the region to do it early.

Just my 2 cents.

BTW, I believe track reps are usually Track Director and one other. Along with an alternate. HC is Matt Danek (obviously) and myself. Not sure if there are actually qualifications to be a track rep.