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Advertising items and then not adhering to said advertisement
1.State series every year, what races count and then don’t count, what you stated at the beginning is what it is. Unprofessional, and unbussiness like. Shows lack of planning

2. Advetising that people will get reimbursement for jersey and race fee and not backing it

3. Trophies, my issues, make them tropies at least at all big events. Bigger ones for first!!!! Not Sweat shirts. Used to be you WOULD buy the sweat shirts so you could say you were there!!!!! Weren’t a trophy

4. Plaques, what? Buy a plaque, then you get a little metal peice to hang onit. Definitely not getting you monies worth!!!!

5, OK here goes, No plates to anyone other than experts girls, and cru. for state series, and use new point structure. Ok, I know I will get beat up for this, but here goes, if we do this , and offer the big trophies, for all classes. One the kids will be amazed at the awards, and will live with the fact that they are not getting a plate, at the same timeit will encourage kids to ride their bike, get better, and move up. Now what does this do, then the new kids are really racing new kids!!!!!! Hence we increase our rider load, and are making really big events. then we can atract. More sponsors that will help be cause we have the program in place, thus increasing the rider load more and continuing the circle!!!!

Trickle down, kinda like Reagenomics, this is Haydenomics, for BMX.. I have mor will be back