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This is a promotion I have giong with a lot of the bike companies. Some I have had going for a couple of years now. The Press Releases were issued but it was quite some time ago. I’m glad to be working with such great companies on this. We are working as an “Industry” to spread the word of BMX racing.

You can find these great promo items on Redline, Felt, Diamond back, GT, Mongoose, Schwinn, Intense, and a few others in the works. They all have the same great offer with the new bicycles. They are branded specifically to the brand that they made for. It’s a great program and it’s been working great.

I always like to look at the bikes in the local Wal-Marts, they have those promo items haging all over the place on the BMX bikes. Goos stuff for sure!

Positive, yes or no?