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I voted to place it after labor day weekend.
I think the importance should be placed on how to grow the local state series. By placing the championship later in the season you are allowing the local riders more time to get their required number of races in. It’s not the state races that are a problem but the local races that require some time to get in.
I know the only triple point race a state is allowed every year is the championship but this only goes to show how the nbl only looks out for it’s own national interest and not the local scene.
If we could end the state season in late sept, early oct, then start a small fall series with the vet day, fall classic and iron man, it could very well prove to be more popular in this area than the rolling atm of nats and regionals the nbl provides.
The nbl should be notified at CC about how this should be changed. It only makes sense to end our season in sept-oct.
With another track joining the state series this year it will only make it MORE difficult to get races in as the calendar will get squeezed even tighter. (No offense to Glenn.)
I put my reg-nat blinders on when thinking of the state unless a big race falls within 2 hours driving distance of NJ.

Now let’s go hang some state series posters!