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Negativity, not here, only the hope for creating an atmosphere that is condusive towards growth in the sport, our sport!! The fact that people don’t like being questioned, well too bad, if that is what they percieve as negativity!!!
Personal Agenda, here’s mine, and it really hit home, about a half hour ago. My wife hands me a stack of christmas cards that are already addressed, they are all for BMX friends of mine, as I put a different message in each, I was reminded of the good times I had with all of them, whether it be at a track or on a road trip. The cards went out to different places all over the country, to my friends, the ones, I may not have know if it were not for BMX. So if someone doesn’t like the fact that I would like to see things grow towards that end, so that others may have the memories I have had, that is sad, that they have no vision