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I was talking to Chris Vliet yesterday and he knows we are attempting to bring money into the organization.
I could hear Linda talking through him.
“Instead of getting a pa system for the state series and NJ events, why not put the money into revamping all the pa systems at the tracks”
“There is no reason why the money can’t be brought into the state and then used with as they see fit, split it up between the tracks.”

I told him flat out, no, that is not the way it works, nor is that how it will work. We have specific items allotted for this donation and we have to make sure that we come through on that.

What would make it possible to get something to EHT for them to get a new pa? I would love to be able to open those books.

I was looking at the 501c3 code yesterday and it says that any monies paid to people in the organization must have all taxes taken out.

I am still awaiting the estimate for promotional literature and the existence of the letter of determination.