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Anyway, here’s were things are going.
I ,meaning ME, am envisioning 2007 as the year that things can begin to return to normalcy for NJ BMX racing.
For some reason in 2006 this became THE site for ANY news on racing NJ. That’s cool and all but that’s not really what this place is supposed to be about.
News, stories, opinions yea, but asphalting turns, track changes, gate practice that is SUPPOSED to be the responsibility of the individual tracks.
Hoodies, jerseys, plates…etc are SUPPOSED to be the responsibility of the state.
I took it upon myself to disseminate that information this year here as it seemed other places were sort of scattered or not updated often.

In 2007 cjbmx.org will continue it’s current state of updates, njbmx.org will be THE place for racing information, this means, points, plates, jerseys, registration, misc product, emergency postings, etc. and the word on the grapevine is that ehtbmx.org will be undergoing a major revamp.The racers will have places to check what they NEED to know easily and they will be updated often.

So in effect what is going on is the weeding away of people from coming here for “official” “whatever” track news.

In 2006 the ball got rolling, in 2007 BMX racing will start to pick up speed rolling out of the starting hill.

I’ll still be here for those who are saying “the jump is too big”, or this guy stinks at whatever, or joe bagodonuts flipped the gate this week.

But it’s time for njbmx and the tracks to step up and take some responsibility for it’s own promotion.

You guys all have to start going easier on each other, more progress has been made in the past year here in NJ than has probably been made in the past 5 in the nbl itself.

That SAYS something.