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i would think the state registration person would love this idea/ less work for him/her. in other states it is accepted /normal to preregister only…its the folks who pay the day of the race who are in the minority. what they do is pre register everyone then come race day there are 2 lines..1 for pre registered check in, the other for post registration. the rider just goes and checks in with registration booth( very quick line moves fast) gets a ticket then goes to bike inspection. no ticket/ no inspection/ no practice. the ticket is then put in a bucket for a rider raffle to be pulled later on when they do the 50/50. kind of nice. this is how they monitor who is on the track also ( i remember we had a prob a while back with riders practicing and crashing who were not registrerd for that days race) that eliminates that prob for sure.

anyway if all the riders pre registered you could almost have the moto sheets done ahead of time and just add in last min stragglers.. i would think??