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First off…
Pete, I bought a chalkboard and will be writing your name 100 times this evening after work…W-o-h-l-g-e-m-u-t-h, I swear everytime I go to write it my brain goes….duhhhhhhhhhhhh, just be luck you aren’t me.
maddog, middoof, middledorf….it goes on and on…

Anyway, lol.
EHT is gonna be a problem. I’m still not sure how they will be going into January. Because TRUST me, Linda does not like me right now, and her focus is on this site big time.
Fiscal responsibility for us is no problem, I think that is why we all are where are, owning houses, families, decent jobs, BMX is a hobby to us not something to make money off of.

We need to figure out how we are going to handle ourselves at this january meeting.

Back in the day, state meetings would always be EHT and HC vs CJ. EHT was worried CJ would be in control. We have actually flip flopped things, as HC and CJ stand diametrically opposed to many of the ways EHT does things. Right now the power should actually be in place to make EHT moot.

Asst Commish- Matt? US
Secretary- Lisa Heath US
Treasurer- Nancy Haugh ?
Commish- Scott US…
HC Track Reps – US
CJ Track Reps – US

2/3rds for by-law amendments 6 out of 10 possible votes, we have that.
51% for quorum- 6 out of 10, we have that.

Rich can you email or post here what I need to ask for to enable us to get to work on the grants? What financial info I need from them? I will ask for it ASAP and if I don’t get it within a week, EVERYTHING will change.