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Ok the list looks good. By the way I hope I did not overstep my bounds by suggesting Brett for comminsher and Pete for the marketing. I hope Pete wants the job. And if Farside is the VP, then its all good. Also Caveman and Bill could be reps and then we controll the whole dam thing. No need for a new company, this would now be a leverage takeover. Old busniess would be old busniess and a new chapter will be written. Also I would be glad to help with the money,but I will tell everbody right now I am going to tell it like it is, no bullshit. The only way this board can act is with full fiscal responsiblity. No more payments to the workers,no more NBL compition congress, no wastefull spending period. If in the future this company gets on its feet,then some consetions could be made.Untill then, nessary expences only. What the hell they only have like 2000 dollars anyway. There is no room for waste. Lastly sorry for my spelling what can I say?