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Revised: 12-11-06
Commissioner- Me?. (I would say Rich here but as Rich will say he is still heavily involved in getting some titles, this will allow us to have the best of both worlds, heavy local involvement, heavy national involvement)
Asst. Commissioner- Rich Farside (all around knowledge of BMX, parent, ties to industry, personality at track, etc. Since elections are supposed to be annually according to the nbl we could actually have Rich become state commish in 2008 just prior to the olympics, come on man this guys NJ state commish, olympics…my head pops with the marketing potential)
Treasurer- Craig Wilson (parent, rider, well spoken, takes care of numbers for a living)
Secretary- Lisa Heath (she will run things properly, her husband and son both race and is into what is going on, she also does the secretarial thing at her current job, has been efficient at all present meetings when she is told what is going on)
Marketing Director- Pete Wolghemuth (Apologies to Pete, Rich just realized this guy has a talent for coming up with excellent ideas, bing bang boom, jersey devil, podium, fall series…)
Financial Advisor- Rich Carolan (do I have to explain this?)
Rider Representative- I like Phil Delizia or more likely Dale Maghan (there is no doubt in my mind that Dale has the best interest of BMX in his heart)