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You know, maybe I shoudn’t step into this mess, but the more I follow this thread, and problems surrounding the state organization and the NBL by-laws, or the lack thereof….a simple solution to this problem as far as accountability problem…each member of the NBL over the age of 18 has this power, since the Nj organization I am assuming is a Non-Profit” organization and files under the US IRS tax code of 501-C-3, all you have to do is ask for a presentation of the financial records. These must be surrendered on demand..no questions asked, no exceptions granted, period.

Faulure to comply will result in the loss of non profit status and a audit by the IRS and any illegal activities that are not covered will result in some pretty hefty fines. Also, anyone being paid thru the organization must record, both the payee and the payer, that payment either with a W-2 that shows income taxes witheld (Must also present proof of a W-4 record) or a 1099 MISC.

Very simple gentlemen…show them just how “Mature” you really are.


PS…. if they fail to comply to your request, just make a visit to your local IRS office and let them know…they WILL make them comply, and then most likley pull an audit. Remember,..Al Capone thought he was a tough guy until he ran into the IRS. CAn you say “Alcatraz”? 😯