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Calls itself a volunteer organization but yet pays some people.

The more I think about this the more furious I get. I have given so much time to this “volun-fuking-teer organization” without getting paid. A lot of people have. I’ve done a boat load of sweeping over the years. I’ve helped during springtime track rebuilds at Flemington and Mullica. I have announced at Flemington, a lot at Mullica and a lot at Egg Harbor. I bought a cruiser this year because I wanted to race two bikes at local races to build up endurance but then Egg Harbor had their problems with Victor so they NEEDED me to announce this whole year. I couldn’t race two bikes like I wanted to. So I was giving up something I wanted to do to help out. Hell, there were times I didn’t feel like going at all but I did because I knew they needed me and I decided I was going to help Egg Harbor this year.

I haven’t gotten paid. I don’t want to get paid. NOBODY should get paid. If you pay one person then perhaps other people should get paid. What about the real suckers? The corner marshals that stand on top of a turn all day long on a 95 degree day. If anybody gets paid, they should.

Either everybody gets paid or nobody does. Of course it should be nobody. What are we in this for? If I want to make money running a BMX race, I’ll buy my own land and build an ABA track on it and run it for profit. Making money any other way is UNETHICAL.

The whole kicker of the thing is I won’t be around for the Jan 20th meeting. I am very upset about that because I wanted to rip them a new one for paying themselves and I wanted to rip jim fillidork a new one as well. However I will be at our meeting on Sunday and I will have a final recomendation for pa system (that will NOT be argued or second guessed anymore) with price.