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Hopefully I can add some insite into this thread.

The talk about our track being involved with the NJ State series has been something that had been tossed around since last year when Bob Demola was the Commish. Our intention is not to try in steal riders from other tracks but to give the State series a boost in new riders and a new track to race and to also give our local riders a chance to race a State series that they wouldn’t have to drive 4-5 hrs to get to. When my family started racing NBL some 6 years ago we raced the NJ tracks, and to this day still go to NJ to race locals because they were always fun.

When we opened our track 3 years ago, my philosophy was to build our local base and not to rely on other tracks for riders. We have been doing that every year by going to schools, being involved in community projects and just giving the riders a fun place to ride. If riders come from other tracks we try our best to make them feel like they are part of the “local family” and hope that they had a fun time and want to come back.

With all that said, I want to thank Bill and everyone else for there support. Our track had decided a couple of months ago to change our start time for next season (not because we were told we had to). We can’t move our race days to Sunday’s because of another situation but I hope that maybe this will help with HC. Years back I remember Howell and Mullica Hill used to race on Sunday’s and both tracks seemed to never have any problems. I am a easy to get along with guy and would have no problems with sitting down and meeting to discuss this situation.

We hope that we will be able to be involved with the NJ State next season and hope to work towards the growth of this wonderful sport. We all have lots we can learn from one another. I hope that this doesn’t come across in the wrong tone, I just wanted to let everyone know what our thoughts and intentions are.

Glen Knapper
Track Director
Trilogy Park BMX