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what moron could possibly say that flyers in schools and bmx/track promotion hangers on bikes in shops are not a good idea?

im sorry but i keep hearing that someone sais its not a good idea? maybe i missed when that was brougnt up at a meeting.

this is what roger does in ct(sorry here i go again) and they win the track with the most new riders every year. in fact every week that a new rider signs up they make an announcement introduce them to the track and add that person onto the number of new sign ups. i was there one sunday last summer and the number was up to 90..did you hear that? 90 new riders at their track… they are doing it right and i applaud them. i dont think that njbmx gets that in 3 tracks combined.

if its not broke dont fix it.. why not do what works…??

its a no brainer in my book. tell me what the down sides are? a little leg work? a little effort on eveyones part? we did the same thing in our rec program in town with the little kids wrestling club/ self promotion when done in the correct manner ( such as getting board of ed approval on flyers for schools) is the main way to go.

who can argue with that?