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no one has to tell them to close. i am not for that at all. i think having riders run the races may be difficult. what rider do you know that will sit in registration instead of practice before a local race, or run the gate? they want to ride the track and practice. they cant score either. ask dave its even hard to announce when you race. the riders need to race/ ride that leaves parents to work the race.

if someone has a better idea im all ears.

dont get me wrong i am not for closing tracks for regionals/ nationals. i am just saying not to go against the close ones with state qualifiers if you have a choice. they never used to do it when mullica hill made 4 tracks that gave us 8 state qualifiers for the state series. they had the same amt of regional/ nationals too…the tracks should be open just run locals on those weekends if possible thats all.

torrington for example ( and i am sorry for beating a dead horse but its the best example i can use) never closes for nats / regionals they build up their locals as if they were an entity unto themselves, as if they were the only track on the planet. come hell or high water they have their locals. but they have riders who only go there, some of them dont even race other tracks in ct… because they have a local base of riders… local not an hr away… parents who live 10 mins away who run things. that is key i think. but they wouldnt run a warrior series race/ state race against just say the eht national. its just common sence.

i think nj can do both… build the rider base with the flyers and all the new promo stuff for 07 while keeping the tracks old timers happy plus build in the excitement with the new up and coming pro/am series. i think we can pull it off.