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Me as a teacher is about the scariest thing anyone of us could imagine! LOL…

Actually I called Dale last night for a couple and we were B.Sing about what was going on and I said to him…

Ya know everyone has a big mouth because two or three people are talking junk to each other but yet, no one backs each other up on when a very important meeting is about to occur. And everyone, please trust me when I say the reorganizational meeting of NJ BMX is an important meeting. It has weight to what goes on racing wise in NJ….
None of you know when it is but you know how many curse words Ant can pump out.

And believe it or not Adam was doing the teaching last night.
Take a stand, speak up, question those who say they have authority over you. Check out the rules, see if they have been followed. See if they should be changed.

As for me…I was sitting here laughing at people right up till I realized everyone lost focus on the real issue and some people actually started to take “general b.s.” seriously.

Wanna now how much notice was give last year for the january meeting?
Wanna know when the by-laws STATE it should be held?
Second weekend in january.

And again…
All Hail Dale…
(sounds better doesn’t it?)