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Brett, to answer your question, yes I have attended state meetins. I was at the last one. Also I if it does not seem ot you that I help the “sport” then what exactly do you call supporting five tracks locally. I cant get to every meeting or help with the track because I am busy pouring money into the local scene. Tues. practice at bensalem, Friday either practice at cj or race at bensalem, sat. race at either flemmington or pottstown, in the morning then driving to delaware to race or to egg harbor. then on sunday race at cj or race at bensalem. Exactly how much more do I need to do before I can be seen as helping? If they had work parties on practice nights ar meetings on practice nights I might be able to attend more.

I am certainly not saying that I do not want to help more. Nor am I saying that what anyone else does is not enough. All I am saying is that there does not need to be profanity in order to achieve change. I never doubt your resolve for change, I am challenging the fact that such abusive language be tolerated. That is all. Is that asking too much?

Adam, you did infact verbally abuse dale when you intimated that”they” could perform oral sex at the meetings for all you cared. Why bother.