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See now I have seen it from both ends.

You guys here are very very pationate about BMX. I loved being a volunteer at CJ and where ever I could. I wanted to help out the scene in NJ. It means alot to me to have my son race BMX just like I did when I was young. We made some great friends and had alot of fun hanging out with everyone.

Now I move to AZ and back to Black Mountain BMX. They have the 40-60 moto’s 2 nights a week.(Friday and Saturday) It is insane out here. But I dont have that comrodery that I had in NJ with everyone. We have a NBL track here(actually 5 minutes away from me) and they struggle to get 5 moto’s a week? why is this? In my opinion the NBL track is alot nicer of a track. John(Track Director) is very very pationate about BMX and making his track a premiere track in AZ. But he has to contend with Black Mountain. They try and mess with his track, schedule multi point races same day and time as him.

I think the whole ABA, NBL rivalry is BS. They need to grow up and just all get along!

Sorry if this made no sense, it has just been on my chest since I moved here.