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He continues:

20″ bikes only.

Also realize if the older experts all jump on the bandwagon and sign up, this will ruin the older expert classes at the qualifiers. You know when they have to race class and open they concentrate on open and either skip class or just ride around the track in their class motos. I don’t think this is a huge deal since the older experts haven’t cared about the state series since 94 anyway.

How much should go towards a year end award? Probably a good bit. That would make people interested in racing the WHOLE series.

How many finishes should be required for a plate at the end of the year? How many finishes will count? Don’t know. Depends if Pottstown joins the union. Without Pottstown there are six qualifiers and the championship. Adding Pottstown would make eight qualifiers. Perhaps best four finishes plus the championship if there are six qualifiers and best six (maybe five) plus the championship if there are eight qualifiers. If we’re gonna go to all the trouble of doing this and do this right, you want participation. If the year end awards are good, and a lot of finishes count, people will race the whole series.