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I have reviewed the by laws. It is pretty standard language. The rules look clear, and the responsibilities of the board members look clear too. I think the problem is that the board members are either happy with the way things are, or they don’t have the foresight in which to change it. I really don’t know any of them, I don’t know their backgrounds in business, marketing or promotions. What we need is people in place that have these skills. Only people with experience in these areas can make the changes. BMX is like any service, but you got to know how to sell it. Promotion is the key. Good marketing, good advertising will make it happen. Also a good understand of economics helps. One of the big problems I see is a lack of understanding of how to efficiently run a not- for-profit company. Again, I don’t know the qualifications of the people in charge. It looks like we have people here that have experience in many different areas. What needs to happen now is give control to the people who have the knowledge in these areas. You can’t expect change if you don’t know how to achieve it. My one recommendation would be that the board recognizes that they don’t know everything, and let the people who do, get the job done. Give up some control and we can move ahead.