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The meeting on the 10th is gonna be pretty big, not like the little thing at my house, that’s why I picked applebees as the back up.
We have EVERYTHING in place to do what we have to.
Craig you’re right, this has the potential to get REAL FUCKING NASTY, and if we just blow it up here, it’s not gonna work.
Bill, if this was me by myself trying this, it wouldn’t work, just like it wouldn’t work with just you or just Farside or just Richie Rich, (he is apparently down with the nickname…wish I could shake that douchebag one I am hung with…lol)
But 6-8 guys who have now know the rules (by-laws), have backing and have finally had it with the bullshit…well now that’s something.
And I ain’t saying they are just gonna roll over, I am saying that things are gonna change.
Because if you think that I will just go and do all this with you guys and get blasted when we are doing the right thing then you need to talk to Rod. The time to plan is the 10th, the time to act is in january.
And they better hope to hell that they do no try to play this meeting in secret or some shit, because there will be a whole new forum created just to deal with “NJ BMX”