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You hit the nail on the head, they didn’t believe you would all last this long. Point is, that that state board isn’t really running anything Linda, and Les are through Janeen. Before you guys all got back all I heard from everyone was Les should leave, now he is gone, and it is like nothing changed. Why, cause he still has his puppet. THE FORUM IS THE PLACE, so everybody can see what is said, and when it comes time to he said she said, BOOM it is right there. She got called out, this one got called out. EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHO SAID WHAT, and they won’t have a leg to stand on, Futhermore, there doesn’t have to be yelling in front of kids NOTHING , BOOM, they quit!!!! As far as the postions, you should pick amongst yourselves, and I can’t be one of them because I will be living over the line, and according to the bylaws I can’t, and I don’t want to be a hipocrit!! This is your chance there are enough things that can be brought up.
How about they want help at EHT, yeh good cause, but Jannen, and whoeve the referee position is have been getting paid, all the days I took off for Flemingtonover the last three years nada, as well as the rest of us, or anyone else, but yet she asks for help Hmmmmmmm
Sometimes I thinnk they want this this small so it will be controlable!! Good Luck