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Maybe the way the board is running things means they dont desever tracks….but I definately believe NJ deserves tracks.
Tons of em.

We have done more in 8 months than most have in the last 5 years.
The january meeting will be a landmark event for everyone.
It will be where Janeen becomes
Clerk of course and thats all.
Nancy learns that keeping track of the books will be done promptly and correctly.
Lisa…will get a voice.
Scott will be shown we mean business.
and filippone, will be either unelected, put in his place or maybe we just make sure that when we leave there is PROPER representation of US.

Landmarks, everything that we have been doing has led up to this.
I mean it when I say Rich and I have people that trust us to get things done right and to give us money to do so.

And the thing I believe most from watching all you guys over the past year is that you have finally found your voice and are no longer afraid to “piss people off” in person. Dale showed me that on november 19th. We’re ready…which is probably why they are stalling on the meeting.
But I WILL be sure to get my point across to Scott and Vinny on Dec 8th at the CJ awards.