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I’m putting this here and I hope Rich doesn’t kill me but he sent an email to Nancy to get the updated list for the state jersey deposits, here ya go.

I emailed Nancy Sunday to see if she could send me the updated jersey file list so I can post the peoples names that have not paid. This is what I got yesterday.


Yes, I’ll try to do it tomorrow. I have a class at work today and tomorrow and I have homework tonight in addition to email to answer.


For the time it took her to type this she could have added the names and sent me the file back. I am getting to the point that I just want to race and stop trying to help.

Now before someone thinks we don’t like Nancy, that is NOT the case. The point is if you have too much on your plate and can’t do it, we have people who will. But we have to be given control of it, you can’t be “half pregnant” as Vinny would say.