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I think I’m going to hold on to the cyclecraft for now. They’re a little hard to come by now…..Besides, I might get the itch to race it again sometime….maybe the 07 Fall Classic Old School race or something.


I don’t no the where abouts’ of the Godfreys or Tokash. Dan 75M actually lives a lot closer to where the Godfreys live or used to live. I do remember riding there back yard trails with a bunch of people after a flemington race one time….lots of fun!

One guy I know used to race back in the mid-late 80’s John Nicholson, from Lake Hopatcong/Landing area now owns a bike shop called Cycleworks on Route 206 in Stanhope, NJ he’s mostly into mountain biking and road racing now though…

Another family I used to talk to from the same area was the Carpenters….Mr. Carpenter used to race against Bob Warnike in the Geritol 40 and over cruiser class on a regular basis….