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I actually like the idea of an all girls team…but to maximize their points potential, most of the girls on the team would have to race as Rookies, Novices or Experts to avoid the beating their own team-mates conflict.

Currently there are only about 15 girls who race in NJ. The vast majority of those are in the 6 to 10 age group which means 6-7, 8-9, and 10-11 girls would be the teams main draw. There are (3) 16 & over girls-1 away at college now, 1 going to college next fall, (1 or 2) 14-15 girls, and maybe (1) 12-13 girl. Amanda Robbins races as a Novice, so she would be a good pick. All the others are registered as girls and as such, unless they opt to race boys for the day, have to race girls. If they choose to race boys for the day, they have to be manually changed from girls to novice (girls registered as girls, have to race Novices) they would then be pointed as a Novice in regards to finishes. Not usually a help for the team in the older classes 13 and up cause most of the girls cannot beat all of the boys in their age group.

Can we change the team rules? Yes. Should we? Well, that depends on if there is someone out there that wants to run an all girls team.