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i think brett you misunderstood my post. what i meant was if you have 15 girls racing in the state..then you have 10 of them on the same team. just call them the dudettes. i know they will be racing all boy teams but for them to race…think about it they have to race other girls… like if one of the dudettes is a 9 girl they will be racing other 9-10 girls.. if 4 of them are on the same team then they are racing the girls on their OWN TEAM. one of them gets 1st, one gets 2nd and so on.. if you talkabout points yea 1 will get 1st place the rest get whatever… so out of 4 girls on that team you only get 1 1st place…see wht i mean?? it wouldnt be advantageous for them to have girls of the same age for sure. boys have different proficiencies but not girls so its limited.

i think nj could “bend” the rules or alter them a little to accomodate a new class …can they do this… why not? as far as team scoring i think each state does what they want in their team series anyway…i think the reason they made the rules was for the tms back when they all held the rookies back to keep them on teams so then they said no have so many experts, novs and only allow 1 girl and 1 cruiser… but hey nj is cutting edge why not? you have to have enough girls to race and enough girls who are NOT on your team to race as well.. after a while the girls would get tired of beating their team members its not a good thing. once in a while is ok but on a weekly basis isnt good for team spirit.

bottom line get more girls in the sport… then do the girl team thing. maybe rich f has some ideas since his daughter is one of the up and comming ladies of bmx.