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if you have 10 girls on a team and they are all winning, and you have 10 boys on a team and they are all losing.
the girls win.

the girls would not be racing themselves, they are racing the other teams.

who cares about the national level, the nbl isn’t concerned with us at the local level except for our entry fees, so we should implement a rule change.

How do you get more ladies to race? Promote the ladies…

Am I really having a discussion with 2 women on how it would be great to change the rules to allow an all girls team and they aren’t fully down with it?

I think it would be great to make things better for girl racers to have some say in the sport and the moms aren’t saying ….”hell yeah Brett, let’s do this!”
I’m dying here…my god if my g/f sees this thread she is gonna pass out!