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does bmxgirlmom know if this has ever been done in nj before? when we were at flem one sat i was selling 50/50s and started talking to a mom who has 2 girls who race each other every week she said what about a girls team?? her daughters are..about 13/14..then there were 2 slightly younger ones about9-10..i believe one dad brought up the same topic about a girls team…. then there are little ones 6-7 i thought wow thats 6 girls from flemington alone…there has to be a few from cj and eht and would it be cool to have a” girls kick butt” team for the state series….they could get sponsors/jerseys all that…i wondered if anyone has done that in the past?

i know national team rules are different but you would think a few of their dads/ moms could drum up some support / local bike shop or whatever… its def original and would be cool if nj was cutting edge with this sort of team… girls just dont get the recognition they need in this sport… jmo