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I don’t kow about anyone else’s house, but in mine, I should record myself yelling TURN THE GAMECUBE OFF AND GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!! Then I go on about how when I was a kid I had more important things to do than to sit my butt in front of the tv…truth be told after a long day of building dirt jumps with my brothers and all the other fellow local bmxers from bitd…we were all up for some intense sega cartridge game playing….
As for the whole VAns comment…what a way to market. I’m at my kids school parade, I see Crazycooter there, between his family and mine, you look down and all you see is Vans…not only do kids throw on vans after the race, but DC, Etnies….These kids are also mall rats(I know this because I work in one)…what better way to market a sport than throw up some flyers in some of those mall stores…I have even spoken to one in partciular that is totally willing and interested in allowing me to put in flyers etc. Now this is a local store in a mall located right outside EHT…They are geared toward sk8ing, snowboarding, dirtjumping, etc. Wants to know where you do something like BMX!!!! DOWN THE ROAD!!! He even said he would like to come out and watch the sport to gain knowledge…
BMX shouldn’t just be marketed through bike shops and with free race flyers put on bikes, but to those that are into the independant sports. Surf shops, skate shops and the like. I talk to a ton of parents who don’t even know the sport exists, but also don’t even know how to get knowledgeable about the sport…