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I guarentee there will be BMX racing games after the Olympics, some clown will definately capitalize on that.

To me the bottom line is this.
BMX is losing potentially MILLIONS of dollars in outside promotion by continuing to allow the use of clips.

If the nbl and aba would ban them and approach every single shoe company out there, we would see some cash.
Hell, we have I believe 2 or 3 shoe companies for BMX (freestyle) based right here in NJ.
I’m not bitching about clips, I don’t care, I mean you can run barefoot like Purse did in PR, (anyone see that video?) but I see the marketing potential and how things could be, and wonder why aren’t we doing this?

And you’re also right about the heroes thing and the young dudes and dudettes, since we all come from the OS we know the names, Jensen, Scofield, Elliot.

I’ll leave with this,
yea skating didn’t go back to banana boards…but they didn’t strap their feet onto them either.

My new slogan.
1 sport.
1 Shoe.
No clips.
Get involved.

and my second slogan which of course is always,
I’m a little crazy..