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jayla is correct…i thnk you hit the nail right on the head….

the only reason we did the clip transformation when my son was 7( i told him he needed to wait till he turned nov 1st) was because everyone else in his class rode them and it was more pressure from the dads in the group( “oh wait and see how fast you will be i promise..” and low and behold he finally beat the kid whos dad told him to get the clips..lol) of kids he hung around with. i was like.. no way no clips….marcus told him no way…( back then he would only listen to marcus…lol not us) then next weekend he had them on at a regional at mullica and the rest is history…

it really dosnt make sence to have non bmx companies (like you said mostly roadies shoes) make them but what can you do if there is no choice? kids push thier parents to “conform” when they are young and you want to give your kid any advantage you can..only when they get older they make the switch back to flats and discover ..hey its really me thats fast ..not my friggin shoes… lol

as far as the video games go i agree 100%%%%%

lets go brett you could do some serious ground -breaking here..think of the millions you could make in this dept??? fortunately i think alot of bmx riders would rather ride than play-race…i dont know many of the kids who raced when they were younger were too busy out on their bikes to be sitting in the house with a controller in thier hands…