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If flats are “old school”, why do 95% of BMX riders ride with flats?

I consider BMX riders to comprise all disciplines, flat, vert, street, park, racing.
The only class of riders who wear clips are racers…when they are racing.
Most practice in flats.
Bill Hayden made the point below, it’s the only logical one.
Kid riders his bike- flats,
Goes to the trails- flats,
Ramp-park- flats,
go racing…sorry dude if you want to get it on here, you’re really gonna need these little doodads, clips…
Man, road bikers wear those, I freaking can’t stand road bikers, (not me…I am looking at this through the eyes of a rebellious 12-15 teen).
Forget that racing stuff, I have just as much fun riding trails.

1998- Clips come in.
Racing participation
Up or down in 2006?