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believe me the kids know who they are racing… maybe we shouldnt let them see the sheets with the qualified racers on it… as they get older they have memories like elephants. my son remembers kids he raced at his first pres cup way back in 96 or 97 i swear…( and where they are from) i dont even know who these kids are….

when somoene is in their moto/ semi whatever who they never see( i am speaking for older riders mostly) they ask who is that kid i never raced him before… these kids talk to each other in staging then one says hey this is my first race i never did nbl before or whatever… we had a kid this past weekend who made it to the main who was an expert who JUST turned from novice…he won all his motos and blew away some really fast riders in 1/8’s 1/4’s and semis… ( maybe he was a career novice? who knows) everyon e wanted to know where he came from??

now take a kid he makes it to the main he takes a spot away from another rider who “qualified” ( did 5 nationals) he really should race in the open just feel that if he dosnt get a plate he shouldnt be in class. how can you not see how this affects the kids standings? if you think they dont care about the number think again. maybe when they are older but i know plenty of older riders who were chompin at the bit waiting for those numbers to be posted on sunday….

brett i kinda get the feeling you dont like the national races ( wonder why?)just cause you dont like the nat system dosnt mean it dosnt work or cant be modified somewhat. and who says just casue the aba does it that the nbl has to allow it? i cant understand this rational.

heres another situation…with the older kids actually in cruiser it happened also the year dan qualified for the worlds(01)… they only take top 4 for cruiser. so he missed out by getting 5th…. again non qual rider went to main which caused him to miss out on top 4… cant race the worlds on cruiser… no biggy we applied and did the petition thingy…. no go.. they had plenty of riders ahead of us on the waiting list.. then ( sorry i got off on a tangent again..lol) we go and the kid who did qualify at 4th( another rider) breaks his arm 3 weeks before the race and refuses to give up his spot..can you imagine that?? real team work…go team usa but now we only have 3 riders in 11cruiser…. piece of work i tell you…

anyway i dont know wht the answer is but i do like the no points till the main idea.. in aba and i like having to get local points to get your national main points for the grands.. the nbl could certainly make a move towards this to boost the local race scene.

kids race for the love of the sport but if you think they dont care about the ranking / number thingy you are mistaken. they like mostly everything about it ( except for the crashing part…lol)