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The guy who just shows up at the race gets nothing other than racing for trophy for the day.
He gets no plate.
I will say this there is no min. qualifications to race the aba grands either.
I don’t understand the logic here,
some kid shows up, races for the day.
Wins the class.
You get second.
You should still win the plate.
This is all about competing, at least racing is…
I guess my question is, what is the question the 7 year old would be asking?
Not being an a**, just actually wondering what the kid would ask.
I may be able to explain my view better if someone gives me a real world scenario on this situation.
Again the problem lies in the whole giving bigger points to the motos then to the mains.
In the main you are racing the best kids in your class…
Actually, I know why this all has happened, and I am gonna get reamed for this.
It’s because parents were no doubt complaining that little johnny racer wasn’t scoring high enough because he couldn’t qualify out of the motos.
So they made up a rule to appease the parents instead of asking the racers where they should get pointed higher.
I win a moto I get 50 points.
I win the main after qualify through 1/8ths, 1/4’s, semis….
I get 10 points…Is there not something wrong with that?