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i dont know about the old rule we have been going to the grands prob since 1997( ugh its been that long) and we have always had unqualified riders in my sons age group( i know because its been my pet peeve all along) the first year it happened my son started racing cruiser and when i found out a non qualified rider from ky( a local yokal derby city was his home track) made the main( he was in my sons semi to boot) and it was his FIRST CRUISER RACE ever…. i was sooo pissed… i felt like he took my sons place in the mainhe took 4th and dan took 5th in semi) and here i spent the money getting him in his 5 races like the rules say and so on and this kid just pops out of nowhere.. well when i got home i wrote a letter to bt and explained my frustration to him not expecting him to respond at all… well i was very suprised when i got a call the end of the week from bt himself. the reason he explained to me that they let them in is that “the aba has been letting our riders participate in thier grands for years so the nbl had to reciprocate” that didnt make me feel any better and i told him so…

so i dont know maybe you are speaking before 97 but if so i like the old rules better… just not right to let kids pop in like that. they can be strict with the regional championship but not the national championship? DUHH!