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@bmxer wrote:

Austin Padilla 2nd in the main – National #11
Taylor Farside 6th in the main – National #8
Rich Farside 2nd in the main – National #2

Rich pulled an outside gate in the main and Slater got the inside gate. Rich busted his a** coming across traffic and pulled out of the first turn in 2nd but Slater had no comp on the inside and was just a little too far out in front. Rich did not let up and kept Slater honest staying on his bumper the whole way. How he did this recovering from 7 busted ribs is beyond me. Simply Awesome.

I saw Taylor in her motos and she ran hard as well. They are an awesome daughter & dad team!


Kenny Meleta needed every pedal to transfer out of his semi (took fourth in a near photo finish). I hear he brought home an 8th place trophy and #3 in the country. Way to go Kenny!


Another good semi was Jim Rempkowski in 45-49 Cruiser. It was a back-n-forth fight for fourth place but Jim (in 5th at the time) had just a wee bit more speed coming out of turn 2 and I yelled PUMP IT JIM! PUMP IT!!!!! He did just that down the third straight and railed the third turn hard and slammed the door shut to pull ahead and make it in. He got pinched in the main, but never let up and kept the rest of the pack honest, just couldn’t find a way in. I know he’s very happy with his eigth because he gave it a first place effort!


If anyone gets to see the Pro main, watch the moves DR pulls in the pro section and third turn to take it. Wow. Before that I watched Terry Tennette bust out a can of whoop a** on Vet Pro / Masters riding on FLATS. Look ma, no clips!