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Yessiree folks, 453 Motos. Wow.

They pushed the third round of Pro Open to first thing tomorrow at 8am and then will start running 1/16ths, 1/8ths, 1/4s, semis & mains after that. It will be another long day.

Racing updates:

Kenny Meleta – in
Tom Martin – out (go easy on him Ant, he did good, got some bad breaks)
Jeff Heath – out
Jim Mulhern (Jr.?) – possibly in, waiting to here.
Sean Mulhern – he is here, I think he is racing, but dont know
Jim Mulhern Sr – not sure, but my gut says yeah.
Jim Rempkowski – ya know, I forgot to ask. Ooops. Our motos were too close.
Jesse Guilbault – in
Tom McMurray – in (and was looking good)
Vinnie Mannino – I did not get his 3rd moto result. He was 5-5 at that point.
Rezskowski – whaddya think? Of course – in
Chris Wiley did not race, still tweaked from the CaveFlip but I did not get status on Chris Jr., they are sitting in a different area.
Chris Gulich?
Eddie Haller – in
Vic Behm – in on both 20 & cruiser. He was running good all day. But, when you see him, ask about him almost tackling the hay bale at the finish line in his 1st moto.
Mike Smith – in
Taylor Farside – I believe she made it
Rich Farside: 1-1-1 Yup, perfect in cruiser, but did not run 20.
Anthony DeRosa – need you ask?
Jimmie Moore – don’t know
Matt Cranmer – don’t know (sorry!)
Jeff Tatum – in (90% sure)
Little Michael Gelsomine – his dad has been smiling all day, so I guess he’s doing good.
Niall Bridgeman – registered, but I believe he was unable to make it down.
Heather Haugh – pretty sure she is in
Frank Young: he is sitting right next to us, yet I do not know, but he’s been looking good.
Philly D – another “need you ask?” Looking good, even with a tweaked shoulder. He’s all business this weekend.

What? How did I do?
Cruiser – out
35+ Novice: 1-1-1 (Yeah baby!)

I know I have missed some folks here, but its only because I genuinely do not know every single rider in Jersey yet. I know Gary (the carpenter) from Flemington is here, but I do not know his kid (sorry!).

If I missed you or your kid, I apologize. Please let us know how he did. MacDaddy – how did your son do?

Thats all folks – I gotta get some sleep.