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Day 1 Practice

Track was spongy in spots but dried pretty well. If the rain holds out, we’ll have some fast racing this weekend. It was overcast all day and I thought it might just rain a couple of times, but never did. I have seen a couple of riders get hurt, someone even told me Danny Smith was one of them, Deb can you confirm?

I am hanging with James Rempkowski and crew. Jim was nice enough to store my cruiser and some stuff in his trailer. Still gotta work on the 20″ tonight. Vinnie Mannino Sr & Jr are with us, along with Frank Young and his wife. Mike Smith was hanging with us too for a little while. I also saw Chris Wiley and the bunch he came with as I parked right next to them.

Dave Pawson & Chris Gulich are here, of course! I’m seeing a lot of BMX Legend stickers!!

Philly D. is in the house, although he banged up his arm and shoulder at the Score at the Shore. It does not appear to be slowing him down. If you got your new BMX Today look towards the back where they showcase some of the possible showdowns of the weekend. Nice write up on Phil.

Rich Farside is here with Taylor and his wife. He looks a lot better, but I have not seen him on the track yet, but he says he is going to race cautiously. Don’t tell his doc!!

I know I am missing lots of folks here, I apologize if I did.

Pro Practice:

They built a nice new pro section for the weekend – four sets of nice dubs in a row coming out of turn two. Only one major wreck so far, but it claimed the bike, not the rider. There is no mistaking the sound of chromoly forks snapping in two right at the bottom of the steerer tube. Yeah, that pro case the big dub (#3) HARD. 😯

Thats it for now! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some pics.