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In Pa., there is a law, the Recreational Use of Land and Water Act of 1969, which, until a few years ago was unheard of, and the trial lawyers tried to keep it that way.
What it states is that an owner of land or water, if he chooses to admit the public onto his land for the purpose of recreational activites AT NO CHARGE, that owner is limited to the amount of liability that he can assume, in this case, $5,000. There isin’t a lawyer out there that will get off his ass for $5K.
That is why all of a sudden here in Pa you see a lot of towns opening skateparks, because it covers munincipalities as well.

We use this law at our trails here in Plains, WhiteSox Dirt Park. As long as there are signs posted with this law advertised, as we do, we are protected from lawsuits.

Just type “RULWA” in your browser and read up on it. I’m sure there is something in NJ that pertains to this, it’s probably just buried somewhere at the behest of the ambulance chasers and bottom feeders…( I don’t like lawyers..even my lawyer hates lawyers!!)