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Do you have any way that we could get to talk to someone in a parks and rec setting who might have an idea on how to begin to do this.
I see Dave’s not too hip on it. But small sets of jumps with some berms where a complete newb could roll around and have a good time, would recreate the scene.
I’ve been thinking of this in the wrong direction. How to fix it at the organizational level. We have to think about how to fix this at the most basic level there is, the 10-12 year old kid who sees some jumps and wants to get a little air.
When one becomes too hardcore you lose sight of how to continue on what you feel so strongly about.
I remember the “hardcore” phase in freestyle, what a bad thing that was.
I will feel we have accomplished something other than being bitch internetaholics when we have some places for kids to ride in NJ that don’t have the tags, aba or nbl attached to them.