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our tent was right behind the pro section this yr so we got to witness almost every crash that occurred- not pretty… but many of the crashes were in the 2nd straight where a few months ago they took out a double and made it more “do-able” this yr so to speak….if you raced in control you didnt have a problem although the last jump( hip) was angled a little strange if you had too much speed it threw you into the turn…many a crash there as well….

i dont know why everyone is allowed to do the pro side now. i also remember back when pro sections were for “pros only”… hey does anyone remember back when cj had a “7 and over” section..haha yup if you were 6 and under you had to stay to the left of the cones..that was for the “older riders”…. too dangerous for the little racers and i think it was only a step up or a table top not even a deep double!! boy those were the days!!