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South Park was always my son’s favorite track on the National scene. Daughter too for that matter. Last year when we went it had changed so drastically to such an intimidating track, that she wasn’t too thrilled about going this year. Decided last week, that she didn’t want to go at all. Now I am thanking her better judgement.
I worked the race last year on the finish line, and had the “pleasure” of standing next to the EMT tent where they brought all the broken bodies in preparation for transport to the hospitals. I saw the seizures, the bleeding, the broken bones, as well as the road rash, bruises, etc. Luckily didn’t have to witness any life flights last year.
South Park is definitely a wonderful track, but it is also an expert/pro track when it comes to Nationals where the adrenalin is flowing, and the points are on the line. 2005 was a wake up call for a lot of the riders on the difficulty of this track. Probably why motos were down from around 180 last year to 144 this year. (Remember when they had 250-300?)
For local races, I’m sure everyone does fine, but the pressure isn’t there the way it is at a National.
Hope everyone that had the misfortune to crash gets well soon.