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posted July 01, 2006 01:48 PM

OK folks – here’s some spectacular updates from South Park. And it isn’t pretty. The track is eating bikes and riders like Charlie Brown’s kite-eating tree.
Several frantic phone calls have thus far provided:

– Bubba’s out with a banged up shoulder
– Tyler Brown pulled out
– Warren McDow banged up and pulled out
– Delizia pulls out of the UCI, still doing class and cruiser
– 4 snapped frames/forks in practice including Elliiott McGrath’s
– Multiple ambulance rides this morning
– Two Medivac flights in the first round including Master’s Madden who snapped his frame and was bleeding profiously from the face upon his ignominious exit…prayers out to Madden
– 144 motos + UCI’s took two hours

The sherrif came to the race and allegedly suggested the race might be in jeaopardy if the carnage can’t be brought under control.

They just announced that the race is to now be a two moto transfer.

As I type, Tedesco is on top of a berm supervising while several people shear the lip of a jump to “mellow” the second double to lessen the crashing. No one will get to practice the new obstacle.

Lots of Junior ELite Men and Women passed on the race as it is a “trophy race” and I bet they are happy now. Yesterday Junior Men were told they couldn’t ride with pro practice, despite the fact they were racing the UCI race. Arguments followed, they finally got a couple of laps.

Hopefuly, the track fix will result in less crashes and things will go smoother for the balance of the day.

All info “unofficial”, but I am suspecting this is all pretty spot on. We’ll find out more as people get back to their hotels in 5 or 6 hours.

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posted July 01, 2006 01:56 PM

THis is not the type of press bmx needs!!!!!!!!!