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after being untouchable for soooo long– it must be hard for him — there is a whole new generation of riders that are pushing the limits beyond what he is doing right now. and to have his riding progress to that level as well as start a company, is gonna be very, very, hard–

lets look back in history–

bob haro– stoped riding because as the buisness grew– he started to not ride up to par– and didn’t want people to see a sub-par performance, and associate it with his products

greg romero– started rev-tec…. ran in the back of the pack most of the time— now rides for haro and is doing pretty well– not great, but noticably better

craig reynolds– racing suffered with reynolds racing– gave up[ the company in favor of racing

it should be interesting to see what pans out with miraco iin the next few years—

side note— i think the company name blows– just doesn’t roll off the toung