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Working at the Presidents Cup, the Grands, or other races that are not specifically hosted by a track ie; the East Coast National, the Stars and Stripes etc. usually garners the volunteers kids free entry fees for that race. And in a way it is an honor to be asked to work the big races because you have proven your skills.

The registration time change was made to accomodate mostly my schedule and was announced for three weeks (all the notice that I had) prior to the change, was posted on the forum, etc. Wouldn’t have been much sense to leave registration at a time when the clerk couldn’t be there. Honestly, believe it or not, I do have a life outside of BMX. I have work obligations and family obligations that will always come first.

The cancellation for the heat was because of the 105 degree heat index, with excessive humidity. We chose to cancel rather than have any kid get sick. We made up the race about 2 weeks later on a cooler evening.

I have no answer for the pre-National track closing other than that is the way it is done all over unless they have special paid practices. Maybe it should have been posted for the newbies, but shoot we all forget that not everyone knows the rules.

Meetings. I will gladly attend the meetings. Used to have monthly meetings. Used to have nice conversations with the 4 or 5 other people that showed up. All board members. Nobody else ever made the effort. And yes everybody knew when and where they were.
The meeting we had at the Incline Club was nice. Had a bunch of people sign up to do jerseys, hoodies, plates, trophies, etc. See name who ended up doing it. Signing up is easy. Following through is the hard part.

Other than that, I’m done. I’ve reached my limit.