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You want an example? Ok. last year my son was hurt. He was cleared on the thursday before the east coast national. I called the track… nothing. I went to the website… nothing. I drove the hour and a half only to be told that the track is closed! When I asked why there was no posting I was told that they(les) didn’t think they needed to tell anyone. When I explained the situation I was told, rather roughly that there was no way my son could even get on some part of the track. Not to mention the woman who would not come out from behind the trailer while I was speaking to Les, She had a lot to say also. Mr. Behm even tried to speak to someone but was told no. Almost every track is always closed for 3 or 4 days before a National. Common practice. Not an EHT thing.

How about another example… how about a race called because of heat. This has happened at eht. The problem with that is that they raced earlier at fleminton and blue diamond, and the next day at both central jersey and bensalem. Again no notice, people just did not show up. Unbelievable but true. The race that was cancelled due to heat was a Tuesday evening race. Flemington did not race that day. I don’t know about Blue Diamond. As for not having it posted, please excuse me for being at the hospital with my son for 3 days and not driving the hour home to do a post on the computer. The answering machine did have the cancellation on it because I checked it myself.
How about another example… Two years ago the times for races were at 6pm. This was great, we could go up to flemington race there, then make it to egg harbor. Then last year the times changed. No warning, no explaination, they just changed. Then at the start of this year the times were even earlier. I guess someone complained because the times went back. Great. When the track staff have to work nights or weekends, then race times have to change. No other explanation needed.
You know I was there for the “meeting” that was really a screaming fest after the national. Right at the picnic tables. Nice touch I thought. I had to walk away. There were a lot of things going on that led up to the melt down at the meeting after the 2005 National that I won’t go into. I am not the only one who has problems with this track. There are 2 other tracks in NJ. As you said the parking lot has its fair share of offenders. Funny thing though, We go to central jersey and while I don’t say that there are no problems, any are kept well hidden. That’s great. They’ve had their share of problems in the past too.
I am not saying that all of the people who help out at eht are a problem, There are some very helpfull folks, what I am saying is that the majority of the complaints seem to be directed there.
As to why the state is in shambles, maybe I overstated it a bit to make a point. I am willing to say that this year was better than last. Two examples of things happened at the past two presidents cups.
Two years ago we had to buy a jersey from someone in florida, and we were not the only ones. It was a disgrace, I think we had mabe 12 riders, and more than one did not have a jersey. I don’t remember seeing your name on the list of people who volunteered to organize jerseys for the NJ riders. I do remember though that everyone, not just Board members, at the State Meeting agreed not to expend the money for new jerseys in 2004 when there were plenty of new and used ones to go around and very few people were planning on attending the race in Florida.Not only that but we were very unorganized. This year as I walked around I saw whole sections of people from the same state sitting together, some had areas where you could go , and most had at least some state meeting. This all reflects very poorly on the state. Did you offer to set up a section for NJ riders and families? Did you try to get everyone there organized and hanging out together? I wasn’t there, but I know a few people who were and they didn’t mention anyone trying to get the Jersey group together. They were too busy working at the race to do it themselves.
I am sorry that you are offended by my comments but a state that can boast as many national champs should be just a bit more organized than that. And??? Do I ever see your name on a list of committees to do just that? Go up to registration at any track and volunteer for not just the day’s race, but to go above and beyond.

2005 State Series Committees–The people who signed up never came through so, the new committee had to step in so the kids would get what they earned. Below is the list of committees and the volunteers who did the work.
State Plates-art approved, ordered, provided list of names, classes, standings, received, sorted, bagged, handed out–Janeen
State Hoodies-art approved, ordered, provided list of names, sizes, picked up, sorted, bagged, handed out–Janeen
Awards Banquet–food organized so that there would be a variety–Janeen
State Points–Janeen
State Plaques–Janeen
State Championship Trophies–Janeen
State Qualifier Race Registrations–Janeen
State Jerseys-Ordered, went to pick up 1 1/2 hours away because the company delivered to wrong address, sorted, handed out.–Janeen
State Awards Banquet Invitations-designed, printed, addressed, mailed–Janeen
Awards Banquet Door Prizes-suggested, purchased, organized, handed out-Nancy and Janeen

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