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Ant, you can ride anytime. Me and Chris are gonna go there tomorrow morning…
I guess it’s time for me to come to the defense of someone here.
I personally talked to the Vanderhoffs themselves for over an hour a week ago. They’ve been in it a long time and have quite frankly been beaten down by the sanctions BS just like everyone else. To me they came across as good peeps, especially one story that Linda told me about a very close friend of mine, Charlie Huber and what they did for him above and beyond the call of any track director.
Like everyone else they’re tired of the BS that goes on and are burnt on it. Chris V is stepping up and LOOKING for help, I talked to Chris as well (J-mom is right I talk too damn much, lol) and he is a damn good guy, so the next time you see the guy racing in 35-39 cruiser wearing that green jersey with an A on it, talk to him.
Those 4 people I mentioned above are without a doubt doing what they can for BMX, (Janeen, Lisa, Scott, Nancy) THEY CAN’T do it alone.
My next meeting is July 15th, anyone with positive input or who wants to help should be there. Otherwise I’ll just do all the things I’m doing the way I want to do it…and good lord nobody wants that!!!, LOL