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Ant, you don’t know it, but you really stepped in it this time! First, a disclaimer…I have had a few tonight, but in all seriousness, I mean NO personal offense to anyone that may think I am referring to them. That being said, if we want to advance this sport, we all have to put down our shields and be open minded. We can all look to someone like Bob Tedesco and wonder when it is he lost touch. It is much more personal when someone steps up with an idea that affects what we personally have worked hard at building and preserving.
This is what I got out of this weekend: There are a great many persons involved with various aspects of BMX in New Jersey. Most, if not all, are in it for the right reasons, BUT, we all (again, usually for good reasons)want to control our own personal fiefdom. It could be that you don’t want someone to potentially screw up what you have put long hours into. We ALL need to step back, look at where BMX racing is today, and where we would like to see it go in the future. With the olympics coming up, we have a great opportunity. The first thing we need to do is get new riders to the track. The second thing is to make them want to come back. Lets not blow it for personal reasons on any side. We ALL need to let go of a little bit of our piece of the pie to make it work for everyone. I may be inviting a serious flaming here, but all the arguing and the ‘you can’t do that’ means exactly that! Sorry if I am rambling…Loren